Who we are

Karma Lawyers are commercial and business law specialists. Our expertise is handling everything from your corporate legal needs from day-to-day transactions and corporate secretarial compliance to the ‘we-never-saw-that-coming’ legal crises such as managing litigation on behalf of a Company utilising litigation specialists.

We work exclusively with small to mid-sized companies and occasionally individuals attacked by companies. We are based in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs but armed with top-notch technology and cross-jurisdictional recognition to help our clients anywhere in Australia. 

The head of the firm is an astute, insightful, and business-savvy corporate lawyer Julian Rockett, who cuts to the heart of commercial legal issues. Karma Lawyers offer a fast, flexible solution for answering modern business needs.

Along with broad capabilities, from contract negotiation to dispute resolution, you can expect corporate specialists at Karma Lawyers to excel at supporting your company through any change, negotiation, or transition.

Creative, forward-thinking, easy to get along with – Karma Lawyers are above all, AGILE.

Whenever or however you need us, we can be there. We were always a purely digital-based business, and so we were COVID ready, before COVID sorely tested the notion of the “law firms NEEDING to be in a fancy building paid for by their clients.”

To serve you, we need a laptop, the Internet, and ZOOM or Facetime. Our extremely low overheads mean we can deliver personal and experienced advice and service at class-leading value.

Julian Rockett founded Karma Lawyers in 2016, as already a corporate specialist in the Corporations Act and ASX Listing Rules and a strong background of representing companies and their boards. He has acted as the In-house Legal and/or named Company Secretarial for more than 20 ASX listed companies. Karna Lawyers has also supported many private companies, including household names. Julian’s extensive experience includes numerous IPOs and M&A transactions. Naturally in these types of roles, capital raising is a large part, and he has helped companies raise over AUD$800m in the past decade, whether by share placements, through issuing and exercising options, drafting prospectuses, rights issues, and share purchase plans. Aside from transaction design, he is often being consulted to support media, NSX, and ASX strategy and generally hired on a retainer as the listed Company and in-house Counsel or General Counsel though is always mindful of the number of clients he serves to maximize impact. He has advised several former leaders in Australian politics. Karma Lawyers has helped snatch unlikely victories from big insurers and even a big bank. Perhaps Julian Rockett is best summarised as a creative and sharp-minded corporate lawyer, with a talent for distilling straightforward solutions to complicated legal matters.

Karma’s Philosophy and Origins

Karma Lawyers was born out of the need to provide corporate legal services in a manner that respected clients, the lawyers that provided that service, and the profession.

The word karma in its colloquial context refers to “cause and effect”. Do good, and then good visits you. If you do bad, then things go sideways. Our philosophy stems from that belief and translates into the service we provide.

We work in the corporate space, and this is where we make and can break our reputations. We only assist where we know that we can be effective and cost-effectively deliver good results.

If we feel your matter is better or cheaply resolved in either a non-legal means or through a different specialist – then we tell you why, and we tell you fast. Your time is valued, just like we value our own. 

We believe in being honest and accountable to our clients. We do this selfishly because we like to sleep well! Seriously, it is how we were raised. And we think it gives us all the good business karma that we ever hoped for… That is our “true north”.

You will always get our legal truth when you engage us – even when the truth isn’t flattering and or might negatively impact our ability to get paid. 

That is our Karma Philosophy.