Small Business & SMEs

We recognise the crucial role that small business or small & medium enterprises (SMEs) play in our economy. We understand too, that the only sure path to become a medium enterprise is to first be a small business!

Traditionally the greatest bar to accessing legal advice has been cost. Big companies have long dominated small companies. Not just on scale, price, and marketing, but also in their ability to smother every commercial dispute with lawyers.

As you may have noticed, a lot has has changed in business!

Marketing no longer requires massive budgets. Thanks to the internet, small means fast and agile

And along with all this disruption, comes Karma Lawyers.

Karma’s pricing model promotes legal access for small business.

As a small business owner your legal needs include:

  • employee issues (engagement through to termination);
  • commercial disputes;
  • business structuring advice;
  • acquisition advice (purchase of key equipment or even another business);
  • leasing or property advice;
  • legal contracts and transactional support; and
  • dealings with regulatory authorities.

You can be sure that Karma’s business lawyers have the skill, expertise and enthusiasm for solving your problem.

Our pricing is simple, transparent and affordable – if you’re looking for a budget friendly lawyer, you’ve found one.

We ensure that you have all the information you need, and legal protection you require, to help your business to stay in the fight, to grow and to succeed.

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