Our Pricing

Here at Karma Lawyers we know exactly what it’s like to run an emerging business. So we understand you need your legal costs to be AFFORDABLE and PREDICTABLE (oh, and very, very flexible).

Our system is simple. It works just like your mobile phone plan.

Each hour of expert legal advice or support is one ‘Karma Unit’ (KU). You can use a KU in one go, or bit-by-bit (say three 20-minute calls). Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide how many Karma Units you’ll need per month (we’ll help you figure that out). These are your ‘inclusive’ KUs.
  2. Sign up for just 3 months – with NO ONGOING COMMITMENT.
  3. Pay a flat monthly fee for your inclusive KUs
  4. Your unused inclusive KUs roll over to the next month (and expire at the end of the contract).
  5. Pay for any extra KUs you use. To soften the blow, we’ll spread out the charges for extra KUs over the rest of your contract)

Our pricing is fair and simple too.

  • You pay just $220 per hour for your inclusive KUs.
  • With each contract you get a ‘buffer’ of 3 TIMES your monthly inclusive KUs at the same low fixed rate.
  • You pay an affordable $275 for any excess KUs.

How much will I really pay?

We’re totally flexible and can tailor a package just for you. Here’s what some typical monthly spends might look like.

  • Start-Up Mode
  • $220-880
  • per month
  • Perfect for small businesses
  • 1-4 hours per month
  • Low commitment
  • Rollover unused hours

  • Emerging Business
  • $880-3520
  • per month
  • Start-ups and growing companies
  • 4-16 hours per month
  • Capacity for bigger jobs
  • Available for on-site work

  • Corporate Dynamo
  • $3520-7040
  • per month
  • Mid-sized companies, complex needs
  • 16-32 hours per month
  • Up to 6 days continuous support
  • Spread costs to avoid bill shock

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