Pricing – The Nitty Gritty

OK, so here’s the full story with some handy examples to make it all crystal clear (because we’re big on transparency here at Karma). Our basic price is $275 (incl. GST) per hour for legal advice and support.

That’s cheaper than any firm we know. But that’s just the start.

If you hire us for a set number of hours each month through our Karma Plans, than you enjoy a straight 20% discount of our fees, to $220 (incl. GST) per hour.

The Karma Plan basics

For the purpose of pricing, we’ve broken our service down into what we call Karma Units (KU). Each KU equals 1 hour’s worth of service in a 3 month contract. 

At the start of each contract you decide how many ‘inclusive’ KUs you want. You can buy between as little as just 1 per month, to as many as 32 KUs per month.

You get exactly what you pay for. Use your KUs how you like. All at once, or in increments, e.g. 3 x 20 minute phone consults.

The contract

Each contract lasts just 3 months to give you major flexibility for adjusting your service as you go.

During each of the 3 months you will be billed a flat rate of just $220 per hour for your inclusive KUs.

Each month, any unused KUs roll over to the next month.

Unused KUs at the end of the contract cycle expire.

The price-cap buffer

We know that flexibility is as important as keeping costs low. That’s why each contract comes with a built-in price-cap buffer. This allows you to ramp up your service when you need it, without blowing the budget.

The price-cap buffer give you up to 3 times your inclusive KUs at the same low hourly rate. So, as an example, with 4 inclusive KUs per month, you’ll get up to 12 price capped ($220) hours should you need it.

Use your buffer KUs at any time in the contract and you’ll be charged just $220 per hour for those hours.

Excess usage

Just like with a phone plan, there are higher charges if you exceed your limits. We’re still here for you in those major emergencies – but once you’ve passed your buffer the cost per KU goes back to $275 per hour (which of course is still a pretty awesome deal).

There’s a good reason for this. Just like you, we’re savvy business people. We plan our time carefully to smartly use our resources and serve our clients. If you greatly exceed the time we set aside for you, then of course it has a knock-on effect. Losing a little capacity to meet other obligations reduces our cost-efficiency. That’s why in these cases, that we need to charge more.

The Kalm$Down effect

We understand that when disaster strikes the costs mount up fast. That’s why we offer a special arrangement we call Kalm$Down.

Instead of billing all your excess hours in the month you use them, we’ll soften the blow for the unplanned legal bills through spreading the cost out over the remaining months of your contract. Nice, eh?

Our pricing in action

Imagine you engage Karma Lawyers for 4 hours per month. This gives you a total of 12 inclusive KUs over the 3 month contract, at a fixed cost of $880 per month.

 MonthKUs usedInclusive KUs leftBuffer hours leftBillNotes
  1. Flat rate monthly bill for 4 inclusive KUs at $220/hour.
  2. Exceed inclusive KUs, used 1 buffer hour at $220/hour.

Now imagine you have the same contract, but hit a legal crisis in the second month and need a lot of unexpected extra help.

 MonthKUs usedInclusive KUs leftBuffer hours leftBillNotes




  1. Flat rate monthly bill for 4 inclusive KUs at $220/hour.
  2. All 10 remaining inclusive KUs used ($2200). Plus all 12 buffer KUs used ($2,400). Plus 3 emergency hours used at $275/hour ($825). $2200 + $2,400 + $825 = $5425. Split total cost over 2 remaining contract months using our Kalm$Down effect. $5425 / 2 months = $2712.50.
  3. All inclusive and buffer KUs already used so 4 additional hours charged at $275 each ($1100). Plus remaining half of emergency costs from previous month using Kalm$Down effect ($2712.50).  $1100 + $2712.50 = $3812.50.

How many Karma Units do I need?

Every business is unique, so the first thing we’ll do is help you figure out how much support you need.

One of the great things about our game-changing price structure is that it’s really flexible – with contracts lasting just 3 months, you can regularly change your plan up or down to suit needs.

We love to be helpful though, so to give you a rough idea of your likely costs we’ve banded our service into three levels:

Entrepreneur Mode

$220 – $880/month

Perfect for small businesses.

With inclusive Karma Units of between 1 and 4 hours per month, this is the smallest Karma Unit contract.

There’s little commitment and plenty of flexibility. Rollover unused Karma Units each month, and use them how you like: a single three-hour job, or nine twenty-minute phone consults, or variation – it’s in your control.

Emerging Business

$880 – $3520/month

Great for start-ups, companies in flux – and anyone needing to trim those legal bills.

With inclusive Karma Units of between 4 and 16 hours per month, this is our medium Karma contract.

This is a popular model, because it fits well with the needs of growing or transitioning companies. The ones that are too small to hire a lawyer, but too smart to leave legal detail to their competitors. Our Kalm$Down keeps monthly invoices stable and budget-friendly. And of course there is a lot of capacity for big urgent jobs like contract disputes or facilitating major transactions. Being available for 2 back-to-back days is useful when it’s all hands on deck.

Corporate Dynamo

$3520 – $7040/month

For mid-sized companies with more complex needs.

This is our largest contract, allowing for a maximum of thirty-two hours per month. Perfect for companies not ready to hire in-house counsel – but with too much legal work to not avoid having a substantial legal retainer. Clients with 16 – 32 hour commitments can access up to 8 days’ legal support affordably, due to our unique Kalm$Down offer.

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