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    Need to find a specialist small business lawyer who can keep your legal budget under control? Karma Lawyers has a revolutionary, flexible pricing structure that works just like your mobile phone plan!

    Big may be beautiful, but we all know the best things come in small packages.

    Between the 1980s and 2000s, big business ruled. Working for a corporation was prestigious. Business was done discreetly behind skyscraper doors, far away from customer eyes.

    Almost every professional service was geared for big businesses. And commercial lawyers were no different. They focused on large corporations – in service and pricing. Until recently very few quality, cost effective lawyers for SMEs could be found. Business owners either paid big bucks for many services they didn’t need, or felt they couldn’t fight for their rights when a big corporation was involved.

    Thankfully things have come full circle. We now enjoy business with people, not brands.

    We want personalised service and value for money.

    We’re small business legal specialists

    Karma Lawyers are a small business like you. We know every dollar counts.

    As small business lawyers, our services are tailored for your needs. And we don’t charge for unnecessary extras.

    Our small business legal services

    We understand that the needs of emerging, small and medium sized business are very different to big corporations. We are not going to try and force you into a plan that doesn’t suit you perfectly. But we are experienced enough to offer a full range of legal advice on a budget – with everything you need as a small business owner.

    • Business structuring advice
    • Leasing / property advice
    • Commercial disputes
    • Legal contracts
    • Employee issues
    • Acquisitions and sales
    • Regulations and compliance

    Flexible, affordable pricing

    Just like your mobile phone plan, you pay for what you need. We automatically roll over unused legal assistance credit to the next month. We are flexible, and our pricing structure is simple and transparent. We know you have more important things to worry about.

    Choose Karma Lawyers – the small business lawyers who are big on value.

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